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WEST Builders is committed to excellence and it extends beyond our workmanship. We believe that our core values are at the heart of our success. These values guide our actions and decisions every step of the way, ensuring that we consistently deliver outstanding results and exceed our clients’ expectations.


WEST is a client-driven firm with broad experience in new, ground-up and tenant improvement residential and commercial projects including on studio campuses, mixed-use complexes, and student housing. We understand the specific and unique needs of each client/project and reinvent our ways as needed to become the strongest member of the team. This flexible strategy and proven-track record have allowed us to earn the continued business of many of our clients from institutional and private investors. These customers include development and property management firms, pension fund advisory companies, universities and build-to-suit customers. WEST possesses a staff with extensive industry knowledge, experience, and the technical skill sets necessary to deliver results that exceed owner expectations. Our background and company philosophy allow us to understand the synergy that must exist between design, cost and constructability exemplifying the meaning of “great design, delivered at the right price”. WEST’s success continues to evolve with its growing list of new and repeat clientele fueled by its core dedication to performing well beyond customer expectations through effort, engineering expertise and intelligence.


At WEST, our vision is to recruit highly capable engineers and train them in our comprehensive project delivery system. We seek to challenge ourselves by taking on sophisticated and complex projects. We aim to avoid the “hard-bid” mentality and the adversarial profit motivations that often accompany it, and instead utilize transparent contract formats and design-build principles to develop lasting client relationships and ensure project success from conception to close out.


We understand that each project is different and requires a tailored approach. Our portfolio illustrates our ability to work closely with clients, architects, engineers, and subcontractors to create successful projects that meet their unique needs.

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