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Pre-Construction Services

The project director is responsible for overall coordination of the programming, design, contract negotiations and administration efforts. An early pre-development/pre-construction schedule of all team deliverables including design documents and permitting is compiled, reviewed and distributed to the entire team. Team meetings are held including ownership to define scope against budgets and to confirm design and materials. WEST provides estimating expertise to the design team through its own knowledge and readily available staff support and selective early bidding. Decisions made during the design process should reflect joint design, cost and constructability considerations, thereby becoming the "team's solution".

From early in the design, WEST’s project director, project managers and project engineers in consultation with the owner, principal architect, and all consultants, work to produce the most cost and time effective construction solutions. This yields a project of maximum efficiency and quality within ownership’s budget and schedule goals.

Life cycle cost analysis is employed and includes the cost implications of operations, maintenance and replacement of all systems and materials. Intense scrutiny is placed upon coordination of the drawings for completeness and constructability from the very outset of the design process. This insures that critical conceptual design decisions, which in large measure dictate cost and time, are rationally made and conform with ownership’s functional needs, budget and schedule goals.