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General Construction Services

During the construction phase, the project director serves as WEST’s primary contact for overall management functions; from commencement through warranty. This gives customers direct access to the person responsible for all issues relative to the project and provides communication continuity.

The project director is responsible for design coordination with the design team and for seeing that all issues are being resolved in a timely manner to facilitate the construction process. He is also responsible for subcontract buy-out and subcontract administration.

The project manager is responsible for executing the work in the field. He supervises the on-site engineering staff to assure that information is being provided to the work force for proper execution of the work. The project manager is responsible for the project schedule and for seeing that work is performed in accordance with that schedule; utilizing the prescribed processes and the proper tools and equipment. He also chairs weekly subcontractor coordination meetings at the jobsite office. These meetings are attended by all subcontractors presently working on the Site or scheduled to begin work on the Site in the near future. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss and coordinate the current three (3) week schedule and any items that relate to execution of the work.

The project engineer is responsible for coordinating subcontractor work as it relates to shop drawings, submittals and execution of the work. The project engineer assists the project manager in scheduling the work and maintains the project's critical path schedule.

Project engineers are also responsible for administering the Quality Control Program for the project. Major areas of responsibility during the construction phase are shop drawing review, verification of materials and methods being used in the field and verification that the project is being executed in accordance with the plans and specifications. They meet with subcontractors prior to commencement of critical items of work to insure that the needs and requirements of the work items are understood and they provide instruction and information when required.

Accounting support is provided in our main office in Point Richmond, California. All payroll accounts payable and accounts receivable are processed in Point Richmond utilizing Timberline accounting software. All subcontractor payments are sent directly from the main office accounting department. This central control of accounting assures that all subcontractor payments are processed in accordance with the terms and requirements of the subcontract agreement.