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Company History

The three founding principals of WEST Builders established the company based on their knowledge gained from 75-years of combined construction experience. This experience includes over $1.7 billion dollars and 21,000,000 SF worth of projects; all successfully completed on schedule and within budget. The three men grew their passion for building over the last three decades while working together since the early 1980’s. The majority of their efforts were negotiated, lump-sum design-build or design assist projects with single source responsibility. As a result, they cut their teeth under the weight of having their company’s assets at-risk behind their day-to-day efforts. After an average of twenty-five years in performing successful project deliveries, each were among the top shareholders in their previous firm prior to their departure to establish WEST in mid 2003.

In recent years, prior to the formation of WEST Builders, each principal felt strongly that their former company’s move into public sector work would have a negative cultural impact over time and would degrade their private sector performance. Together, the three discovered that their desire to exclusively build projects, with great private sector customers and in the manner that they had enjoyed through the first half of their careers, was strong enough for them to start WEST Builders.

WEST Builders has been fortunate to have a growing market of select customers who believe strongly in the founders’ vision, abilities and approach to project delivery. The company has successfully performed over one hundred projects on behalf of its customers in its first nine years of existence. Project teams are primarily led by WEST professionals who all worked together for decades prior to the formation of WEST and are supported by degreed engineers whom WEST recruited directly out of college. WEST Builders is customer driven rather than project driven in determining where its work efforts are focused.